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    Stopping by to say hello image

    ~Have a great day~


    Reply from O Neoplains:

    Hi back.

    How did you find me?
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    Reply from O Neoplains:

    It is serious? My gal and I figure it is. Do you find she fits you just right when she leans into you? when you put your arm around her?

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    09/06/08's good to hear that you are appreciative of her, and that you are being a gentleman. Way to go, young man! I'm proud of you!
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    Reply from O Neoplains:

    Do you have a lady in your life?
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    It's nice to have someone like that, to share those experiences with. And I hope you're being a gentleman...? Yes? image

    Me...I finally got off my po-po and did something constructive. I went on a pruning binge and I'm feeling it today!

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    Reply from O Neoplains:

    If I wasn't she would let me know. lol She is a hoot and a lady. She is a keeper.

Character Profile



Name: Oliver Neoplains
Race: Azcadian
Gender: Male

2. Home ship or planet:

Azcad - planet

The Phoenix - Ship

3. Position desired, do you have a current rank?:

So far no position desired, no rank other then captain of my own ship.

4. Skills:

see below number 7

5. Contact information, email, ym, icq.

ez inbox the easiest

6. Personal History:

...He ran away from home as a young teen. His parents wanted him to go into the family business. There was some violent fights over this. He refused and ran away.

...He stowed away on a freighter. He almost got caught but didn't. He found himself on some strange asteroid trading post where he was caught and forced to work in the mines. He escaped, stowed away on another freighter to a strange plant that was so heavily populated that it was all city.

...There he learned to live and survive on the streets, he became good at lying, stealing, breaking into places. He got caught when he was in his mid-teens. He was sent to prison. They say prison is where people pay their debt to society. For Oliver, me, it was like going to school. Except the sicko prison doctor who thought torture was a hobby. The sicko prison doctor like to experiment on the new entries to the prison. Because of his age, the warden cut his sentence to only a year in prison. The prison council paid for his fare to send him back to Azcad.

...He was escorted back to the Azcad orbit and sent to the surface in a life pod. Those who where paid to escort him left.

...When he landed on the surface of Azcad he found no one. Not a soul. All the buildings, transportation, homes were still there, but he found no one alive. There was no one. The entire planet population lay where they fell. He roamed the planet alone.

...It took him a number of years to do this and he also held out hope he would find some one, someone alive. He never did.

... He was alone on the planet. In his late teens, he had to face the fact that he was alone. Apparently the last of his race. No one ever came to Azcad. He doesn't know how they died, only that they did.

...He remembers the wildlife coming into the cities after some time. He taught himself to fly a space ship, after crashing a number of the ones there. Gathering as much as his ship would carry, he said goodbye to his planet and went exploring into space. He doesn't know how much time he spent in space. For him, he lost his sense of time when on his home planet roaming alone. He came across the space station Solaris and he landed.

...It was strange being around people. He had learned a lot about different races on the city planet. These are humans. He had never run into humans before. They looked a lot like other races with very small differences.

7. Personal Abilities/skills:

...His body is naturally comprised of metal, although he looks human, sounds human, he isn't.

...His blood is burgundy in color and has small micro metallic particles moving through his blood.

...He can naturally blend with almost any metal, that is any metal he has come in contact with so far without any adverse effect. That is until he found the gate in the gate room on Solaris.

...When he blends with the metal he becomes part of it, a wall, floor, and he can move through it with ease.

...Because he is metal, he can also take in by choice, or not by choice high electrical voltage. It won't harm him if anything it helps him.

...If he is charged with electricity he can not tolerate extreme cold.

...He can also form small life forms from the metal in his blood as seen when he cloned the Captain, he created small spiders from those micro particles.

He is 6 and a half feet tall, exceptionally strong.

He gets stupid when he gets mad.

8. Personal Likes/Dislikes:

He is obsessed with Captain Anita Thomas. She is the first real person to treat him like a real person and he finds himself attracted to her.

He is still holds her near and dear to his heart. He is no longer obsessed with her. He has realized that he can blend with the humans. Even interact with the humans. He has found Sarina who seems to like him back.